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Top 5 Fall Inspired Weddings Cakes to Make Your Wedding Special

Here are 5 ways to make your wedding cake match your fall wedding season.

The air is turning up crisp and leaves are changing colors, brides and grooms strive to incorporate the fall into their weddings, deep in every aspect. The wedding cake is one of the aspects they want to adore with fall colors, if you want to add a crisp spice to your wedding cake, here are some unique ideas you can incorporate into your wedding cake.

Spice up the flavors for Fall Wedding Cake

Every season has its own flavor, and so does the fall, the crisp wind and cracking leaves bring a different flavor into the air. You can add up a spice to keep the air clean, instead of a traditional snowy white cake you can opt for a pumpkin cake with cheese frosting and floral decorations. Meanwhile, you can go for a sweet lemon & almond cake or a flavor of apple if you want to keep the taste of your guests alive.

Bring the Colors of Fall in Wedding Cakes

Fall has not vibrant colors as spring, but still, the brown-gold is a good color. The color plays an important role in fall-themed wedding cake, a combination of brown, yellow, burnt orange and red makes a perfect fall themed cake. That said, it’s easy to go overboard with common fall wedding colors — add just a hint of fall color with a simple chocolate ganache or an ivory buttercream cake trimmed with orange or yellow. Or you can bring the colors of fall with burnt orange & yellow leaves, red flowers.

Decorate the Cake with Fall Flowers

You can ask your baker to spice up the cake with fall flowers or create a sugar version of seasonal flowers. You can add a modern touch to your cake with large Dahlias for cake tiers. Meanwhile, If you need a classic style, you can go with painted sunflowers with an edible frosting.

Fall Wedding Cake Shapes and Add-ons

Decorating the cake is very important, you can user maple leaves, fall-inspired ideas, edible flowers sugar & chocolate made flowers and trees. But be careful don’t overstuff you cake with an autumnal look, keep the cake simple and light as fall, it will remain as your wedding theme.